Just Serve!

Backend server simulator

When you are creating an application, it usually connects to a server. Sometimes not all endpoints are already done and you, as a programmer, have to wait or mock the data in the application. Sometimes testing data for various types of server responses is also a good idea. It isn't always a simple thing to do either as some errors are caused by the server not working, etc.

Just Serve! has been created in order to make your work easier!

Just Serve! works like an application server on your device. It allows you to simulate requests and responses from the server.

The application's main features:

  • You may have many requests. Each request may have multiple responses with various statuses and body.
  • It runs in the background, so you may have the application and Just Serve! on one device.
  • Wi-Fi network is not necessary to make it works.
  • You can import and edit JSON response in the app.

It can be used for:

  • Testing applications when we need to test their behaviour depending on various server responses.
  • Presentations when the final application server is not ready yet.